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If you need a fast cash sale for whatever reason, we can help...


Hassle free... we take care of everything

Zero Cost... we can cover all legal expenses

FREE valuation

Sell and release the equity and stay in your home if you wish 

Fast completion






Complete your contact details using the Your Details link on the left and someone will get back to you or contact us by Email or Phone.




For more information the following steps will guide you through the process:


1. One of our agents will discuss how we can best help you. We can sometimes make you a provisional offer over the phone or by email.


2. If you would like us to have a look at the property, you let us know when you are ready. If we can’t help you, then you have lost nothng – you are under no obligation to do anything.


3. If we view the property, we will visit you at a convenient time.


4. If your property meets our requirements we will make you a confirmed offer within 48 hours.       Then, if you accept our offer


5. Our solicitor will contact your solicitor and we can begin the sale process. We can also pay your legal fees too - we simply arrange for your solicitor to bill us for his/her legal work, not you.


6. We can have the cash to you within days as well as paying ALL your fees too. Leaving you to spend the cash as you like.


7. We promise total confidentiality throughout. The price of the property and the fact that it is being sold is never revealed to anybody but your solicitor.


8. You could have sold your home within days at absolutely no cost to you..







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